Month: October 2020

Covid 19 Relief Funding

Our New Journey is a project under the umbrella of services offered through Heightened Independence and Progress (hip). Hip is a center for independent living offering help to people with disabilities who live in Bergen and Hudson Counties.?

Hip has funding for Covid-19 related relief. Do you need PPE or cleaning supplies? Is Covid-19 causing you to experience food insecurity? If you are taking advantage of telemedicine, could you benefit from a blood pressure monitor or other assistive devices? Are you now struggling to pay your rent after losing you job due to Covid-19 closings? Is there any technology that would help you to feel less isolated as you spend so much time at home.

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes” call hip. If you live in Bergen County, please call Maria at 201-996-9100 x 18. Hudson County residents should call Alex at 201-533-4407. If you live in another New Jersey County call 201-996-9100 and ask them for information about who to contact in your area.

For more information about hip follow them on Facebook or visit their website